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Bank of New Zealand, Christchurch

RCG created a new BNZ branch that looks “un-bank-like”, more like a lounge or clubhouse than a traditional bank branch, a space designed to encourage customers to come in and stay a while. The build and fitout was executed by Cook Brothers.

The BNZ flagship store anchors the new development at the BNZ centre, positioned at the heart of Christchurch city. Showing commitment to the community after the Christchurch earthquakes was an important aspect of the design, along with reflecting the brand promise to help Kiwis “be good with money”. 

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Utilising the large foot print, RCG wanted to test new offerings for a retail banking experience. 

At the heart and centre of the branch are the customer-lead interactions, flexible spaces, softer seating and acoustically private meeting areas. 

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The right side of the store is a more clearly BNZ brand space, task driven fast-paced transaction-based, including a 24/7 ATM. 

Plants were used throughout the layout to reflect the “Garden City”.

A new innovation and a first for BNZ, the shared work space on the left-side called “community 101”, was designed for small business customers who can meet, chat and work.  The challenge was to give community 101 a unique feel from the bank space, but in a way that also was integrated.
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The design uses colour, texture and pattern to create an inviting space and differentiate task driven and customer play zones.  Bright colours wrap oversize doors, lights and walls. 

Areas such as the meeting room design are based on play and privacy. White gradient treatment on the glazing runs from opaque white at floor level to transparent at ceiling level with ceiling fins and colourful pendant light details to be visible at the top. 

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